Why B4Design?


B4Design, LLC

Your home design, your way


With over 25 years of successful design and staging for private and public projects, Lori Whitaker-Noel founded B4Design with an unrelenting passion for creating unique and affordable spaces. B4Design takes the latest trend in Staging beyond the norm, by applying the fundamental elements of Design and Balance – to accentuate the best features of every space for maximum impact.

B4Design is a small design firm to watch. The B4Design firm’s foundation was built with experts proficient in the following fields:

  • Interior Design & Décor
  • Home Staging & Event Planning
  • Project Management
  • Graphic and Virtual Design Modelling
  • Photography
  • Research & Development

“At B4Design, we’re not afraid to exercise exceptional customer service and integrity with great design. We listen to our clients and meet their needs, pure and simple.”

Mission: Addressing Challenges

I believe that your home should be pleasing to you at every turn, in every room.

What defines good design? More than a well-dressed room. I’ve always applied the same principles in designing rooms that I used to help design client’s wardrobes – you want the client’s sense of style and personality to shine through, not become overshadowed by designer labels and techniques.

You know that you’ve nailed it when you smile, every time you enter your home.

The number one challenge: Getting couples to understand and respect their own sense of style and harmonizing them in the same home.

Number two challenge: Helping that client/aspiring designer to look at the big picture; envision how they really want to utilize their spaces and not always follow the rules.

What do most clients overlook? That this is their life being lived in the space – we’re all driven by our emotions and passions. Apply what you love to your design and balance it with the space.

Most Gratifying: Every time I see my client’s reactions once they’ve seen the result of our work.

It’s a beautiful moment when you realize that you probably got everything right from the very beginning...

Lori Whitaker-Noel

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