Luxury Defined

Luxury by definition: The state of great comfort and extravagant living.

What is Luxury to me?

Luxury is...

Luxury Defined Relaxing on my sofa, watching Barefoot Contessa with my puppy Max beside me

Eating the best grilled cheese sandwich – my way

The day after I’ve beautified

A trip to a Caribbean Island – any island

My home when it’s clean; fresh linens, my clean-flavored candle burning

Trying to take in all of the blessings God has given me

Being able to smile everyday

A great, loving marriage with my Michael

Peace of mind!

A little rustic, cottage, eclectic comfort

Good, fresh savory food

Moroccan Mint or Ginger Peach Tea with Orange Blossom Honey

My Honey/Vanilla Pound cake

My Gator Cowboy Boots!

Eating whatever I’ve cooked for my family

Spending time with my sweetpea Ava

Spending time with Yvette and Nina – my best friends ever!

Any weekend at home!

Listening to live jazz

Living in Smyrna

Talking to my folks everyday

Seeing my son smile – always!

Tell me, how do you define luxury?

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