I have never charged anyone for consultations and never will – This is the greatest opportunity for the client and designer to become familiar with each other, determine the chemistry level.

I don’t limit my time with clients during this process; spending a minimum of one hour to collect the details and nuances in order for me to effectively propose what the clients need and how they want to live in their space.

It is a relaxed and enjoyable session – permitting us to see if our collaboration will be a great fit. I believe that this relaxed, yet methodical approach is one of the components to my 100% success rate in successfully designing unique spaces for every client with whom I’ve had the privilege to service.


Home or Office Design

Design and decor for your commercial and/or residential spaces. Meticulous attention is given to every area of the space with a focus on functionality and style.

Home Staging

Cleaning/De-Clutter/Interior & Exterior Paint & Décor.
Staging Furniture & Accents for Vacant and Occupied Homes.
See the Hottest Trend, Home Staging!

Apartment Living and Tiny Design

Perfect for clients who live in non-traditional spaces. B4Design creates luxurious and cozy homes which may have unique challenges.

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