About the Designer

Lori Whitaker-Noel Lori Whitaker-Noel founded her first design firm in 1999 while living in Dallas, Texas. With a full-staff of designers and stylists Lori and her team successfully designed residences and offices for many prominent executives, athletes and entertainers. Lori also completed projects for the Adolphus Hotel, The National Bar Association as well as several local hospitals and organizations.

Making the major move to Georgia in 2007, Lori managed to slowly build a clientele while becoming acquainted with the beauty and eccentric nature of Georgia living.

In 2014, Lori founded B4Design with one mission: to create beautiful and uniquely personal spaces for her clients - by their definition.

" Great design is more than a pretty room. When your personal spaces connect with who you are - it welcomes you in, every time. It never feels foreign. It's always beautifully personal."

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