Our Philosophy

Growing up, I had family and friends who lived in large and small homes, apartments and the projects. I was in awe of homes which seem to embrace every member of the family, while inviting others in. Homes lacking in square footage, which provided more luxury than palatial estates, larger homes which were cozier than bungalows. You name it.

I learned very early on that neither the size nor the zip-code of the home determines a life well-lived. Rather, creating a home balanced between the integrity of the home with items which define you; your loves and interests - how you really want to live versus what others tell you. You may not be able to fully describe it, but, we all know and feel it when we enter a home that captures the love and personality of the owner. It hugs you, invites you in.

While the world may be a little crazier these days, we all crave living well at home; creating retreats for our children and family pets. Having balance at home. It begins with finding out how you truly want to live. B4Design gets to the heart of luxury living for each client. Great design isn't simply a pretty room that lacks the spirit of the client. Great design begins with capturing the heart of the homeowner. It occurs when your clients tell you, "You've captured my vision!" We all work so hard and want so much for our families - we all deserve to live well by our own definition.

I cannot express what it means to me when my clients see their homes and work spaces for the first time - I love what I do and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to help people realize their dream spaces!

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