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The house looks so lovely! You created so many placements that I never would have imagined in 1,000 years! My husband and I loved the experience. Thank you!

J. Pryor of Buckhead

I can not recommend Lori and her team enough for all your home design services. She as an eye for how to use space and make it pop. Truly a gift to anyone who hires them.

Kristen M. from Truly Fine Homes KW

I retained the services of Lori Noel of B2 Interior Design after initially working with another designer who was over extended. From the onset, Lori was understanding and listened to my desires surrounding how I wanted my home to look and feel. She initially shopped in my home to re-purpose many of my treasured pieces and together (my preference) we shopped. Lori has a photographic memory and will remember details about an item unlike anyone I've ever met. My project was extensive, at least to me, it consisted of a fireplace remodel; partial master bath face-lift; painting and furniture. I had never lived through construction before and she was the calm in the storm, normalizing what felt incredibly abnormal.

Fast forward, I love my home. It is reflective of my personality. A little about this, I interviewed other designers and some had a vision for my home that had nothing to do with me. She accomplished this through questioning, observations and suggestions to understand my feeling or opinion.

Lori pays attention to detail, she is accessible, respectful of your time and resources. She is thoughtful, funny, resourceful, efficient and consistent. I would highly recommend Lori and her team.

Cheryl E. of Johns Creek

"Lori was awesome to work with to decorate my family room, kitchen, mudroom, and front entryway. Professional, pleasant, patient, passionate, and punctual are words that come to mind when I think of Lori. My family recently moved into a larger house, but because of the lack of organization and décor, it did not feel like a home. I am a working mom with a toddler and preteen and did not have the time or experience to decorate on my own. Lori gave me practical organizational ideas that resulting in a style that was decorative but functional. With Lori’s help we were able to switch out light fixtures, hang curtains, organized my kitchen and family room, and come up with a color pallet and theme that represented my family and me. Thanks for everything Lori!!"

Kimberely A.

"I highly recommend Lori.

I’m picky and few people hit my needs so perfectly in the first pass. I’m not proud of being picky and frankly try to hide it, but I’ve come to realize that it is true and it comes through in my professional exchanges.

Lori is outstanding. Her communication is superior, she has excellent interpersonal skills, is always punctual, provides thorough contracts and amended updates, and exhibits kindness.

Lori’s access and awareness of design resources and locations allows for one stop shopping and coordination if one chooses, and she handles delivery and shopping (for me that was essential!!).

I appreciated the fact that she put me at ease when I was unsettled by moving a significant number of home furnishings and art. There was always a respectful exchange about my ideas and she didn’t push me to only buy high end things because that isn’t what we as real people typically do. I happen to love bargains and high end items. Her concept of “shopping in your own home” was delightful to my banker husband! She talked to both of us and integrated our preferences all along the way.

Lori’s openness allowed me to go shopping with her so she could get a feel for my style and this was deeply helpful and meaningful.

I also love that I could be honest and direct because it is the cornerstone for real relationships in both my personal and professional life.

Finally, I appreciated that she took me seriously the day we met and came to look at my home as she promised."

Lily K.
Smyrna, GA

"What a pleasure it was to work with Lori and Cynthia at B4 Design! I searched for an Interior Designer on Houzz and chose B4 Design because of the designers I submitted requests to, Lori is the only one who called me. All the rest responded by email. Because of Lori's prompt response, personal touch, and professional demeanor I gladly scheduled to meet with her team for a consultation. I was looking for ideas to bring my brother's house "to life." Immediately upon meeting with Lori and Cynthia, they were fully engaged, asking me pertinent questions about my ideas and what was best suited for my brother. They did an awesome job asking questions to help pull together design recommendations.

When we initially met, my plan was to only discuss the dining room, but after hearing some of the team's design ideas we included the living room and foyer of the home. By the end of the conversation, I asked Lori to take a look at my brother's bedroom. He's a paraplegic and his bedroom completely lacked design, more so resembling a hospital room. Lori told my brother that he didn't have to look as though he belonged in the hospital because other than his wheelchair, he looked healthy. She was adamant that his bedroom should be just as beautiful as the rest of the house and not look like he was in a hospital every day. After hearing her ideas to transform his room, we were sold! At the end of our consultation, our plan to design one room changed to three rooms and the foyer.

As the saying goes, "A picture is a worth 1000 words." If I could post a picture of my brother's expression on reveal day, there would be no need to write this review. My brother was astonished beyond his belief. He was overwhelmed and almost in tears. The final design showcased by the team far exceeded the design ideas etched in our minds from the initial consultation. The B4 Team was professional, considerate, and engaged throughout the entire project. They communicated with me during the entire design project and delivered on time and on budget. I can't say enough about the home transformation that came from an initial one room consultation. Needless to say, we are considering them for another project soon. "

Monique K.
Atlanta, GA

"B4Design took a basic framework and idea, and then turned into a warm, inviting office with the fine details to match my practice. People have a complete experience with the office. "

P. Patterson
Atlanta, GA

"B4Design was contracted to take my 15 year old daughter's bedroom from a princess theme to a more age appropriate teenage theme that better represented her style. My daughter loved working with Lori and felt that she really understood what she wanted for her new look. She helped my daughter broaden her vison and encouraged her to expand her options that pleased both Mother and Daughter. A huge benefit is that she is taking more pride in her room and is doing a better job of keeping it clean."

D. Clarkson
Brookhaven, GA

"Lori was wonderful! She was able to refresh my living room and sun room on a very modest budget. She was professional yet approachable answering all of my many questions. She made me feel like her most important client. The finished product was perfect, just what my space needed. I would definitely recommend her to friends."

B. Smith (Thumbtack)

"Working with Lori and her team has been a wonderful experience all around! She offers a calm confidence in addition to her amazing design talent that you just don't find much these days. I really appreciated the way she assessed my home for staging and determined the best “feel” and style for my particular home, balancing her opinions with my desires for an outstanding outcome. Her photographer, Michael, took her work to the next level through his beautiful photographs, highlighting all the best features and editing with excellence. And it all came together with the finesse and savvy of Cynthia, the Design Consultant, as well – what a great team! And the proof of all the time and effort investing is evidenced by us receiving not one, or two, but three offers within 24 hours of listing my home!"

J. West Holland

"Lori is excellent to work with and a true professional in her field. I would like to thank Lori and her colleague Cynthia for doing an outstanding job of staging my home."

B. Ossip

"I had the pleasure of working with Lori on a home staging project. One word sums up the results: Amazing! I am so pleased at what she was able to accomplish with moving things around from room to room. Before she arrived, there were several rooms that I just couldn't figure out what to do with. Lori asked a few key questions and quickly assessed what I wanted to accomplish. She is great with color and sizing suggestions. Now all of my rooms feel finished and look like they were done by a professional designer. Lori and her team were extremely professional, and knowledgeable . Home staging/Refresh is a cost effective way to redecorate your home. I am extremely satisfied and happy with the results. I highly recommend her services."

Y. Cook
Atlanta, GA

"My experience with B4Design was absolutely exceptional! I worked with Lori to help create an environment in my new 2 bedroom apartment that was comfortable and had the definite feel of a professional designer's style and touch. Over the course of 3 months (my move in date was 2.5 months out) she worked very closely with me helping to select some of the larger furniture items, and then coordinated with purchasing and delivery of the items on our inventory list at just the right time - from wall art and decorative items to linens, kitchenware, and even patio furniture. Everything arrived on time just as I as in the process of settling into my new apartment.

The exceptional part was this was all done remotely - I live in another state! This was made possible by excellent planning and communication on her part - keeping me in the loop when necessary and then knowing when to just forge ahead and handle all the details I hired her to take care of. Fortunately for me she just happen to be visiting my state shortly after my moving in date and offered to come by to personally stage and create the environment she envisioned for me.

It was a pleasure to work with Lori on my new space and I absolutely love it!"

Barry N.
Frisco, TX

“Great design and service. We love our home.”

Emily O.
Virginia Highlands, GA

“Lori and her team were professional and did great work, while respecting the structure of my historic home.”

Jennifer L.
Atlanta, GA

“I needed to have my home completely cleaned and staged for immediate sale. Lori And her team gave my 100 year-old bungalow the care and attention it needed. The staging was impeccable; I was able to show my home to the buyer on time, ready for immediate occupancy.”

Buckhead, GA

“I had previously retained the services of a designer. While she was knowledgeable, she did not listen to the needs of my young family and we were not happy with the outcome. Lori came in and performed corrective work; merging our style with some of the furnishings we’d purchased earlier. Also, she was able to seamlessly decorate our home with heirlooms from my mother. Her attention to detail and ability to present our home with our lifestyle in mind made the experience wonderful. I was delighted to refer her to friends and relatives.”

Mrs. C. L.
Atlanta, GA

"I have to admit that I was skeptical at first about home staging. I thought that I had already figured out how to best live in my own space. During the complimentary consultation, Lori was very gracious and patient; taking me through my entire home to first "shop with items I already owned." Within 3 hours I had a new living, dining and bedroom feel! The accents that Lori suggested to complete the new looks were exactly what the spaces needed. I was so happy with the results that I encouraged a good friend to do the same!"

B. B.
Brookhaven, GA

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